Hot Fire Dances

Welcome and thank you for coming to We are a group of talented fire artists based out of south Florida, that have been dancing with fire using different apparatuses for many years. It all started as it is a part of a culture some of us were bought up with in the south Pacific islands. Our professional team has grown with elegance , ambiance , and creation that guests have been thrilled , WOWed and amazed of our talents. Our Journey has educated us on how to add and create the fusion of Miami , cultures , music , special effects and beauty to create what our clients thought was just a vision. With us being able to help create their vision of ambiance or the WOW factor the journey is for ever awesome. Anytime you have the element of fire dances and music at any event it creates the feel of the exotic and an imaginary vibe.

We are male and female fire dances that dance with numerous fire apparatuses depending on the logistics of the event. We not only come with color , experience, costumes, elegance and class. We come with educated fire safety and prevention. Insurance and accountability that is even more important before taking the stage.

We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your next event.


Drums of Polynasia